The Finances Behind Home Buying (Insider Secrets)

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Buying a home is the biggest financial decision of your life should you know where TF your money is going 🤷🏾‍♂️ 

**Free access to Home Buyers University monthly Zoom calls, replays will only be posted in rent free•ish however🎓**

I've been a top producing loan officer for 5 yrs.  I'm putting this info out because I cant reach everybody and I see A LOT OF BAD DEALS.

🏡After taking this course you should either save a few hundred (or thousand) dollars on your closing costs and/or feel confident you got the best deal 

🏡How do I know this is save someone hundreds or thousands ?  It’s because I'd do so a few times a month.  You don't know what you don't know and most of the time you just assume the professional you're working with is doing the right things.  Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't (and knowing is half the battle).  Has a lender ever showed you a rate chart (no, exactly)?

What you'll learn👨🏾‍🏫

The Money 💰 

• How to Read a Loan Estimate (where money is made lost)

• How Rates Work

• Conventional Vs FHA Loan

• Lender/Realtor Relationship

• Realtor Stuff

• 30 yr v 15 yr Mortgage

• Big Bank v Broker

• Why You MUST Shop Rates

Mortgage Process 📝 

• Lender Consultation

• What Not to Do

• You Found a Home

• “Am I Approved”

• Closing Process

Other Things To Consider

• Loan Types

• Keys Terms

• Cost of Home Ownership

• Should I Buy Now

• What you Can Afford vs “Afford”

My Loan Comparison Analyzer

This is the actual none I use w/ my clients.  This is how to actually compare quotes.



If you’re a Vet hit me for a better promo code 🇺🇸 

****Don’t just listen to me***

Told ya’ll someone would have thousands

The follow-up Q&A from someone not making money off the loan is worth the price alone

She meant “weren’t, not were but you get the point

Why I do what I do, can’t reach everyone

I want this!

3 Videos totaling 90 mins. The cost comparison worksheet I use, Access to me

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The Finances Behind Home Buying (Insider Secrets)

19 ratings
I want this!